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    Water dipping paint

    Water dipping paint

    Product introduction
    The product is made of water-soluble acrylic resin, amino resin, waterborne antirust pigments, special additives and deionized water through refined processing, has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, construction of good characteristics, densecoating adhesion, salt fog performance, single component packaging, easy to use.
    Mainly used for complex metal components of the protective and decorative painting equipment, automobile chassis, vehicle frame, radiator, radiator structure etc..
    Product data
    Color black or other colors
    Gloss (60 DEG) / unit value is more than 70 or the specified luster
    The hardness (pencil) = H
    The adhesion level is less than or equal to 1
    Impact resistance, kg.cm 50
    Resistance to neutral salt spray 240h film without blistering, peeling, rust
    Water resistant 168h film without blistering and shedding phenomenon
    Construction description
    Dip coating or spray coating method
    Diluent ionized water
    Tool cleaning tap water
    The dilution ratio is less than 15%
    Dip coating viscosity 25 ~ 30s (4- cup,)
    PH value 8 ~ 9
    Dip coating temperature 15 ~ 30
    Dip coating time 60 ~ 120s
    Drying conditions 140 to 160 c * 30min
    Dry film thickness of more than 15 m
    Matters needing attention
    1, the influence of the former treatment: surface oil or fat is not thorough, after coating may appear shrinkage, even if
    The formation of a continuous film, it will seriously affect the adhesion of the film, so that the film prematurely peeling. The workpiece surface rust, acid, alkali, welding slag and other dirt, the film will appear blur, flow mark, white, granular and pitting, and the loss of light, rough, not ideal film.
    The temperature of the bath 2, dipping paint: General requirements 15 to 30 DEG C, low temperature, high viscosity liquid paint, asphalt
    Paint time is long, the workpiece is easy to paint.
    3, the impact of tar paint: any paint, the lower end of the workpiece will appear paint phenomenon, in order to reduce this situation,
    Dip after the operation, must ensure that sufficient time should drain, manual or automatic "throwing" liquid paint operation, should remove the lower end of the dipping paint falling automatically or manually before baking. Due to the high heat of vaporization of water (540 * 4.18 J/g), it is slow to slow the rate of evaporation, paint time is generally from 10 to 15 min. In addition, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 15 DEG C in the process of painting, with a temperature of between 25 and 35 DEG C, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 75%.
    4, in order to prevent pigment precipitation and liquid crust, must be continuous mixing. Proper mixing can ensure the paint solution
    Uniformity of the parts to ensure smooth film. And there must be filtering equipment, the paint liquid particles out of the filter can play a role in defoaming.
    5, when the relative humidity in the summer more than 75%, the paint room to deal with dehumidification, otherwise, it will affect the appearance of the film, dry and other properties.
    6, when diluted with deionized water (or conductivity less than 100 S/cm in clean tap water) stirring, because water paint water viscosity reducing effect is not obvious, so can not add too much water, should control the paint liquid solids of not less than 26%.
    7, that paint or particles, with 80 ~ 200 mesh filters, water paint over the storage period shall be subject to the
    Inspection, no quality problems can be used.
    8, is strictly prohibited contact with oily substances, while the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees C or humidity is greater than 75%, can not be constructed.
    Storage period
    Should be stored in the 5 ~ 30 degrees of dry ventilated place sealed preservation, avoid freezing, storage period of 6 months.
    Packing specification 20kg/ barrel
    Attachment: conventional dip coating process
    The on-line, pre degreasing (45 to 60 DEG C, 10min) to skim (45 to 60 DEG C, 15min), hot water (50 to 60 DEG C), water washing, pickling (Shi Wen), water washing, water washing, surface conditioning (Shi Wen, 0.5 ~ 1min), phosphate (40 to 50 DEG C, 10 ~ 15min), washing, washing, drying, dipping paint (20 to 30 DEG C, 60 to 120 seconds), drain grooves (Shi Wen, 2min), drain (Shi Wen, 10 ~ 15min) and drying (140 to 160 DEG C, 25 ~ 30min), assembly and inspection.
    Statement: paint many factors in construction directly affects the coating effect and service life, the information and data are based on our experimental testing and actual use of the experience accumulated for the construction, when we do not understand the situation, we can only guarantee the quality of the paint. The above data are subject to change, subject to the company's latest specifications, without prior notice.
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